about the identity game

The idgame is a little idea I had around January 2006. I'm sure it's not very original, but any bits of originality there may be, I (Eric Kow) hereby place under the creative commons attribution-sharealike license (optionally non-commercial).

Note: please help me find a name for this game!


The idea is to describe yourself in a list of word pairs. Each word pair is an adverb followed by an adjective. The pairs are to be sorted in alphabetical order according to their adjectives. I try to keep the adverbs unique, but this may be a lost cause.

The game is to be played as a chain. On the bottom of this page, there may be up to two links called "He is..." or "She is...". These links point to the next players' version of the identity game page.

how to play

You need:
  1. a simple text editor
  2. a place to put some web pages and a css file
Setting yourself up:
  1. copy these three files to your personal computer:
  2. make the following edits
  3. publish your page on the web - note that they will have to go in a subdirectory
  4. contact any player with a free slot. Ask him to point one of his slots to your page. Remind him to update about.html with the number of slots he has remaining.

describing yourself

Note that this game does not neccessarily have to be played in English! I'd appreciate it if you'd contact eric dot kow at gmail dot com to let me know any interesting modifications you make to the rules to make it fit your language

i have 1 slot remaining

And my contact info is eric dot kow at gmail dot com


You can modify this game anyway you like, of course. But may I suggest you limit the number of slots to 2? This is enough for exponential growth and it keeps the page minimalistic.

Idea: maybe this could one day be incorporated into a personality tagging system... each word in the game links to an automatically constructed list of people that use the same word?

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